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“Cleaning Beyond Industry Standards”

The Shirt Experts

Fashion Craft Cleaners washes our shirts using special soaps to ensure brightness and luster, and at cooler temperatures to minimize shrinkage.  Every shirt is carefully inspected for broken buttons in order to ensure proper pressing of the collar, armholes, cuffs, and packet.  Plastic studs are used in all French cuffs.


For customers who prefer to have their shirts folded, our shirts are packed with recycled tissues paper and protected in individual bags.  Your clean hand finished shirts are placed in an environmentally friendly and reusable folded shirt bag.  On each visit, the bag is washed.


We guarantee that there will be no broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts.  If you find any, your next five shirts are free!


Who do you call to get that special dress altered? Who can hem those new pants you just bought in time for this weekend?  Do you need a quick repair on a coat or jacket?


From basic hems to extensive wedding gown alterations, Fashion Craft Cleaners can do all of the repairs and alterations you need at the right time, and done right! 


You can mark you won garments or come into the store for a fitting.  Our service is fast and dependable.  Most garments brought in by 9:00 AM Monday, Wednesday or Friday are ready the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, including cleaning or pressing, as required.  And we always press any garment we alter or repair at no additional charge! 


One-Day alteration service is available for most items. 


You can use our Free Pickup and Delivery service for basic alterations by simply marking or pinning your garments and putting it in our bag.   


Now that’s the garment care done the easy way!

Shoe Repair and Cleaning

Fashion Craft offers full service cleaning and repair of most shoes and boots, including Ugg’s. Whether you need a new heel or just a quick shine, we’ve got your feet covered.  Enjoy the convenience of having your shoes and clothes cleaned at the same place by the experts you trust. We provide custom shoe bags that allow you to send your garments and shoes separately.


So give our shoe service a try. Your feet will love you for it!

Protect Your Wedding Dress for Generations to Come

Your wedding gown is one of the most precious possessions.  it is a symbol of an extremely special event in your life and should be treated with care and professional attention after your wedding day.  Fashion Craft will make sure that your gown gets the treatment it deserves. 


As a certified Wedding Gown Specialist, Fashion Craft technicians will pre-inspect all gowns and remove stains, perform any minor repairs needed, and package your gown in a special, acid-free box that will preserve the gown for decades to come.


Our process and packaging will allow you to view your dress through a built-in picture window so that you can admire your gown at any time, and to bring back those special memories.


If you’re traveling local or a distance away, we can provide special packaging to “get you on the church on time” and provide any last minute repairs or pressing after you have taken pictures in your gown before the special event.

Our sister company, Healthy Carpet & Upholstery of Bethesda, MD will professionally clean your carpets with advanced extraction equipment and safe cleaning products. We will clean the high traffic areas in your home or business that can quickly become soiled with dirt.


When this happens, your dingy carpet can detract from the beauty of your home or office. Using our green technologies, we can make your carpets clean and healthy again for your family or customers.


Our Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

  •     Vacuuming service
  •     Pet stains and odor removal
  •     Precondition of heavily soiled areas
  •     Deep cleaning of the entire carpet
  •     Spot removal
  •     Carpet protection
  •     Odor elimination
  •     Host Dry Extraction System
  •     Furniture moved
  •     Oriental rug cleaning


We also provide carpet repair services including re-stretching, patching, re-seaming and more! Our operators have received advanced training in professional carpet, upholstery and green cleaning methods. We are trained to clean stain resistant carpets according to manufacturers recommendations.

Premium Eco-Cleaning

Fashion Craft Cleaners uses only eco-friendly chemicals and processes as well as new, state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning service possible.  We take great pride in our work and in our efforts to protect your investments as well as the local environment.

Our Commitment to You

We carefully check the labels on your garments to ensure the appropriate cleaning process is used.   And we are happy to go the extra mile and hand-wash your items when necessary.  We will always respond to any special requests that you may have.


We guarantee that there will be no broken or missing buttons on your laundered shirts.  If you find any, your next five shirts are free!  


We meticulously inspect your cleaned items and follow the recommended finishing options for your garments.  We pay special attention to collars, pleats, seams, and cuffs to ensure that they meet your expectations. 


We carefully check each garment for stains or other damage.  Our experienced stain removers can eliminate even the most difficult of stains.  We are also happy to repair any minor damage, such as a lost or missing button, or a loose fastener.  If there is a stain or damage that we could not repair during our normal cleaning process, we will mark the item to alert you to the issue.

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